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Furniture making is almost an art. Especially when it happened to professionals. In the case of the Maya factory, these are not just words.
Hereditary furniture makers are working on the creation of upholstered furniture, tables and chairs, headed by the general director Muradov Abutalib Vagidovich. For 20 years, the factory’s specialists have been working daily on the creation and development of dining sets made of natural wood – solid beech, as well as upholstered furniture that meets the needs of different consumer groups. A well-developed dealer network throughout Russia and the CIS countries, hundreds of pieces of furniture shipped daily from the company’s warehouse speak better than any words about the quality of products. By the way, the Maya factory is a laureate of the National Quality Mark competition, and is also included in the official Register of Reliable Reputation.


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Muradov Abutalib Vagidovich

Some numbers

Today “Maya” is one of the strongest players in the furniture market. The products of the factory can be bought in 120 cities of Russia and neighboring countries. The volume of presence in each city is from 1 to 3 stores. The factory began its work in 2000 and since then has been rapidly gaining momentum. By autumn 2009, despite the situation in the country, “Maya” increased its capacity and produced 1200 – 1300 sets of furniture per month. By the autumn of 2010, the volumes increased to 1500 sets. At the same time, new production facilities with a volume of 10,000 square meters are put into operation. In 2019, a new production workshop for the production of tables and chairs was opened. The total production area of ​​the enterprise by 2020 amounted to 25,000 square meters, and the volume of output increased to 15,000 units per month.


History is created bit by bit over years or even decades. Our story began in August 2000 and continues to this day.   The small handicraft workshop grew rapidly and acquired a more industrial character and dimensions, which today constantly combines tradition and innovation. The skills and experience of talented artisans create collections that are aesthetically discreet and elegant, fashionable, with elements of the past.
From a small “Teremok” the factory was reorganized into a huge craft city with its inhabitants, approximately 500 people, spacious, multi-storey workshops, equipped with the latest technology. Since 2012, “Maya” has been forming a special style based on experiments with materials, forms, revealing the full Russian origin. The production bases its activities on the value of knowledge and constant research on the concept of modern beauty and relevance, confirming its exceptional ability to create designs and products with outstanding craftsmanship. Today it is already a brand operating throughout Russia (from Kaliningrad to the Far East, the Chechen Republic, the Republic of Dagestan), the CIS (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan) producing and selling both the wholesale segment aimed at the everyday consumer and individual, hotel facilities. We can proudly present products in the largest hotels, such as the Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton, Holidayy chains, completed the facilities for the 2018 World Cup in Samara, Saransk, Komus, resorts: Klyuchi, the ski resort Solnechnaya Dolina, restaurants, wholesale dealers and famous people, such as heads of cities, famous singers, actors, directors (Nikita Mikhalkov, Sergei Bezrukov, Kristina Orbakaite, Alexei Glyzin). Every day we share what is produced, comfortable, beautiful, stylish with customers. Our ambition allows us to continue on our path of sustainable growth and stability, while focusing on the fundamental values ​​of Brad. Abutalib Vagidovich Muradov has been at the helm from the first day to this day. He is the founder, commander in chief, owner, leader who sets the vector, sets goals, unites, develops.

About collections

To date, the hallmark of the Maya factory is the production of tables and chairs made of natural wood – solid beech. The product line is very extensive. It includes models in a classic style with carved elements, as well as laconic products for a modern interior. Another developed area of ​​production is upholstered furniture. Different configurations of sofas and armchairs are available for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and children’s rooms. In addition, the factory has launched the production of cabinet furniture for kitchens, wardrobes and bedrooms. A clear monitoring of the market allows the designers of the factory to react with lightning speed to new trends in the world of furniture production, complementing and creating current novelties.

About materials

Specialists with great responsibility approach the selection of fabrics, accessories and construction materials. That is why they work exclusively with the best manufacturers in America, Turkey, Belarus, Russia and especially Italy, a recognized guru in the production of comfortable furniture. Frames and orthopedic structures are made from Ural pine. Beech wood is used for tables and chairs, natural silk is used for upholstery. Designers of the factory pay considerable attention to children’s furniture. Car chairs or teddy bear sofas made of faux fur become real favorites of the children and a wonderful decoration for the children’s room. All products of the Maya factory are certified. This furniture can easily be called the standard of quality and convenience.

About pricing policy

The furniture factory “Maya” is distinguished by a profitable client-oriented policy: to earn not due to high markups, but due to an increase in sales volumes. This is supported by highly professional staff. With minimal assembly time, they help maintain a fast turnaround time. For many years, Maya has kept prices rising at 7-10 percent, as opposed to the conventional 30-40 percent. The optimal price-quality ratio explains the strong loyalty of customers to the brand. Another obvious plus is that Maya furniture is designed for consumers with different wallets. Among its customers are solid VIP clients who order custom-made furniture for home or office, and middle-income people who prefer more democratic models.


Factory foundation year